Residential Roof Repair

Getting a roofing contractor to do your roof? You need a roof warranty.

When doing a major purchase, you are usually offered a warranty. Whether it is a new car, a new computer or even a new home, builders and manufacturers include a warranty and offer additional coverage to provide an extended period of protection for your investment. When you make a significant investment, it is always wise to protect your new home, car or computer with an extended warranty. When you purchase a new roof for your home, it is significant purchase in terms of costs, more importantly, a roof will do the very important job of it is the equivalent of the purchase of a new car in terms of costs and the roof will do more important work for your home and family than a car may. When you need a new roofing system or repairs to your current roofing system, we are the best company to provide the work you need. At Empire Roofing & Exteriors roofing contractors we provide quality materials and excellent workmanship that we will guarantee, and the products from our suppliers have excellent warranties also.

Projects come with details that need to be managed

When engaging a company to perform a home renovation for you, it is easy to find yourself in unfamiliar territory. Choosing the right materials, finding the right people to do the jobs, keeping tabs on every element of the project and ensuring the area is ready for the work as important elements to determine the success of the project. Most contractors handle this for you, so finding one you can trust is paramount. Roofing work is the same, an experienced roofing contractor will ensure your roof is done right and on the first time. More importantly, an expert roofing company will do the work in way that all warranties are valid to their limit and ensure your investment is fully protected as well as your home for years to come.

In roofing, most contractors provide a warranty for the product they use and the labour they provide, without those assurances a homeowner may need to look for another contractor.

Different warranty types

  • A warranty is issued for products that have held the status that products must attain to be considered reputable products.
  • When purchasing products for your roofing system through a professional roof repair and installation contractor, the manufacturer provides a time-limited warranty for the materials. Depending on the product, the warranty can be up to 10-years for your shingles, for example.
  • The labour warranty is the most important warranty you can receive through your roofing repair or installation purchase. A roofing system is subject to many weather events and when do damage to a roofing system, and it makes all the difference in the world when it comes to repairing the problems knowing that you are covered by a warranty.

Working with Empire Roofing & Exteriors should help a homeowner rest easy when it is time to buy a new roof or get repairs done to their home when trouble comes up. We use materials with the highest reputation and best tolerances in the market. We provide shingles made of fibreglass or composite materials and when you do, depending on the type of shingles you buy, you could have a 25-year warranty for the product.

To protect your home with a labour warranty, we at Empire Roofing & Exteriors have a 10-year labour warranty to cover our work at your home. The warranty is a key element of our approach to roofing services, quality workmanship for a fair price is what sets us apart and when you have many years in the roofing business it says a lot about your consistent efforts for great work.

If you notice shingles that curled, cracked or missing from your roofing system, contact Empire Roofing & Exteriors for the meeting your roofing system needs for repairs or replacement. We will come to your home for a personalized roofing inspection, determine your needs and advise you on the best course of action to remediate the problem out of your life.