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Blown in cellullose insulation vs Fiberglass batts; which is best?

It is hard to believe that in 2018 we are still debating whether blown-in insulation is better than fiberglass batts, however, that seems to be the case. In our opinion, blown-in cellulose insulation is a superior product and we personally recommend it. In the video below, you can learn about why blown in insulation is better on every count than fiberglass batts.

So, when talking to a roofing contractor or an attic insulation company, always ask what type of insulation they use and what R rating they plan to achieve. And if you happen to be in the market looking for a truly professional roofing contractor and attic insulation experts, then look no further than the best roofers in Guelph.

To check your home insulation, just get into your attic, however, this can be difficult at times and if that is the case, we always recommend to call an expert to perform an inspection. Working on a roof can be though work. Under the sun, and with heavy materials, it is tiring work. It is also dangerous. A good roofer will always wear safety equipment, including a harness to prevent falls and sever injuries.

Have you ever worked with a roofing contractor?

If you haven’t, then you probably should. If you own a house and your roof hasn’t even been inspected in the last 10 years, chances are you have roofing problems that need to be addressed. Have a specialized and professional roofing contractor inspect your roof. Careful of fly-by operations or those unscrupulous looking to make a quick buck, only hire professionals that can demonstrate their knowledge and give you contact information of previously happy customers.

Benefits of proper insulation include lower cooling and heating bills during the summer and the winter respectively, a warmer home in the winter and cooler in the summer, and a longer life to your roof.

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