Hi, my name is Mike Harris. Construction is my passion and I write about it and the business of construction. This includes subjects like marketing and tools, mental health and gardening. Because we are people and running a business is about people, many subjects connect and converge.

Construction and renovation is my passion. I love reading and discussing what is happening in the construction and home renovation industry as well as sharing my experiences with home building and renovation.

Because of that passion, I’ve created this website where my articles will discuss my favourite subject, renovations!

If you want to suggest a new subject or have a question, reach out to me by email at renos@presentcapable.com.

Always live in the present and be capable of work!

Your friend and ally,
~Mike Harris

What is Present Capable?

Present Capable is a website with blog articles related to different subjects, connecting with construction and home renovations. While the subjects sometimes movee a bit off the main topic, they always circle back to our main concern.

The name Present Capable comes from being in the moment, being present in the present as it were. And enjoying being capable of working and doing great stuff. So the idea is to be always Present and Capable.