SEO for home renovations

Is it a good idea to hire an SEO for a home renovations business?

The home renovation business is very competitive. There are many formal companies as well as informal fly-by operations who take their share of the renovations in Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo. So, to stand out and be found, each company tries different marketing tactics. Some try good old flyers with mixed results, others try radio or TV which promotions but these campaigns are expensive. A few try local magazines or tv ads on doctors’ offices, dropping brochures in people’s mailboxes, etc. But the smart ones use digital marketing. You know, SEO (search engine optimization), PPC, facebook ads, having an excellent Guelph website designers, etc.

Be local

Using a professional and specialized SEO company makes a big difference with a competitive market. Ranking is difficult and certainly websites without any SEO will not rank at all. For terms related to home renovations in Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo this can be tough. The website should be designed for conversion and have optimized code and structure to have a chance. Content must be well written and the design should frame and present it in a convincing and enticing way. This helps your business rank, but that is not all that is required.

SEO for home renovationsIncoming Links for SEO not a page with links

On top of having a perfectly well optimized website, it is important to get the domain promoted. This is a simple proposition, however, laborious and difficult to actually execute properly. What the website needs is links. Incoming links from other websites to your website. These must come from content that speaks of the services you provide or from a related subject. They should come from domains and websites with good to excellent reputation as well. But how do you get these links?

Getting incoming links (as they are called by SEO firms), is a tricky proposition. You cannot pay for inclusion, this is explicitly prohibited by Google. Doing a link exchange is also a bad idea, Google can find out that you gave a link to get a link and that effectively nullifies the benefits of the link. Links must be obtained organically, because the people giving them to you do so for no monetary compensation and honestly.

Local SEO directories

Additionally, you should get registered in local business directories. Yelp, Google my business, local business chamber directories, etc. These are important, they establish you as a local business with official ties to the community. Your business relevance will be clear to Google.

All of these actions are part of a complete SEO strategy. A company like SearchEngineOp SEO will do this for you. SEO works, we’ve seen it work with several renovation companies in the region and across Canada. SearchEngineOp have successfully helped business with Ontario SEO and web design and have achieved great results.

A true digital marketing company can work anytime, anywhere. Meeting in person or virtually makes no difference, what matters is their capability to do what they say they can do. Ask about their previous experiences, the quality of the work they do, see examples of websites designed and developed, ask technical questions and find trust. Working with a company that you can trust is the real difference between a successful campaign and failure.

In conclusion

One important thing we learned working with SEO is that results are really good but can make a business, however less expensive than old methods of advertising it is, it isn’t as cheap as you might expect. SEO takes many hours of work every month and actual knowledge and experience to get good results. We do not recommend to try and learn it yourself, even if some unscrupulous people make you believe it is easy. Like any profession or technician, quality work comes from knowledge and experience and both come from years of work. Can anybody try doing it, for sure, just as much as anyone can try and build a house, some people succeed and most fail miserably, but even if they succeed, it takes them longer to do it than a professional would.

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