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Great Basement Ideas For The Modern Home
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Is your basement in desperate need of a makeover; or is it simply sitting there unfinished? Renovating your basement can potentially mean almost doubling your usable square footage without having to move. Basements are a great opportunity to capitalize on … Read More

How to plan a great party?
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After the work has been completed and all the tools and equipment are put away, it is time for a little celebration. A simple party with some great refreshments is all you really need, but if you want to go … Read More

How to change a doorknob
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Whether they’re too stiff or too loose or just too worn and outdated, door knobs are something you can easily replace yourself. This makes them a quick make over element when you are not sure if you want to commit … Read More

Interior decorator firm to hire local SEO company
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Interior decorators are a great resource for people wanting to live in more comfort and style. They know the best local stores where to shop for furniture and decoration items and understand design to coordinate colours and styles with current … Read More

Awesome home design tips
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You spent some time searching for the right home, the one you’ve always dreamed of. Now you finally found it, manage to get approved for the mortgage and won over all other people trying to buy it. Making the necessary … Read More

Ministry of Public Services: Asbestos banned
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For years we have known that asbestos is really bad for your health. This knowledge has led to the banning of its use in many countries, unfortunately, not in Canada. In spite of this knowledge, the Canadian government has continued … Read More