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Awesome home design tips

You spent some time searching for the right home, the one you’ve always dreamed of. Now you finally found it, manage to get approved for the mortgage and won over all other people trying to buy it. Making the necessary adjustments to make it look great and be sure to keep it under the budget needs some good thinking and planning. That is why at Present Capable we have prepared this little article about awesome home design tips that will get you started.

Do Your Homework

It is important that you figure out what type of home you want. Beyond the basic look and feel, think of exactly what features and details are important to you. Go hunting for ideas and take notes of what you like and dislike. Keep all the ideas you have found in one place, this will help in the future if you can’t implement all of them immediately and must take it step by step.

Don’t mix the colours, mix the patterns!

Choose your base colours right from the beginning. At most, you should combine 2-3 colours per room (at least the main colours, accents and other details can have more, but keep in mind the overall theme). If you want to bring some excitment into your room, then look for variation of prints. Large patterns make a good contrast against small ones, and remember to include at least one big solid colour element in the plan. Test it out, you will see that a mix of patterns has a much better effect than a crazy mix of colours.

Budget, budget, budget

To keep your budget under control, it is all about the lists. Creating lists and having all your plans in paper, helps keep track of your expenses and allows you to compare after all is said and done. Make sure to write down estimated costs and keep tabs on your limit budget. If you are somehow going overboard, then scale back or plan for some elements to become future upgrades.

The 60/30/10 interior design rule

Interior designers consider this a basic colour rule. This refers to the colour ratio used to create a balanced colour scheme in your rooms. It is explained as 60 per cent of your room should be covered by the dominant colour, this is usually the wall. 30 per cent of your surfaces should be the secondary colour; for example an accent wall, large sofa, a painted bookcase or wainscoting. Lastly, the 10 per cent should be accents. Art, accessories, small tables or accent chairs fit into this category.

Induction cooktops vs. gas or electric

Induction cooktops are great, they are faster, more compact and efficient than their gas or electric counterparts. More importantly, only the cooking vessel gets hot. Also, they are easier to clean and maintain than traditional stoves.

Plan for growth

As said before, keeping yourself under the right budget requires a consistent effort on your part. But, if for some reason you find yourself short and can’t fulfill some of your goals, planning to leave them for a later date is not a loss. Your home decoration could work well without its crowning accessory, and wait until its final coming. Plan to expand and improve, this way you can remove some of the pressure of getting everything immediately.

Colour on Your Doors

Plain white doors are boring. Your home’s front door and some other key doors can do with a nice coat of paint. Colouring your door can add a touch of greatness to an otherwise normal looking house.

With these tips we hope you can design your ideal home. Whenever possible, we recommend to hire a professional home decorator or even a professional home renovation company that can help you in achieving the home of your dreams.

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