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We’ve all been there, you have a house you love, a family you cherish and a life that is just smooth sailing. But, your home doesn’t look the part. Well, maybe I’m stretching a little bit, but you know what I mean, your life is your life and you want your home to be a oasis where you can retreat in comfort.

What is comfort in interior decoration?

Well, beyond having things where they are comfortable and easy to use, the aesthetics of the place play a big part on comfort. I house that is comfortable in feeling but ugly in appearance is not as much comfort as one that looks great (and clean).

Enter the interior decorator. Interior decorators are professionals who know how to use color, design and home spaces to create the best environment for you and your loved ones. Not all interior decorators are equal, so be sure to ask for references, samples of previous work and have a nice chat with the decorator of choice to make sure your vision and his/her vision align.

Work with a professional home decorator

There are certified interior decorators and there are designers. They are different in many senses and really it all comes down to their experience and visual ability, as well as their style matching yours.

There are however, those who are neither certified or have a degree of any kind and offer decoration services. These individuals more often than not will be more of a problem than a solution. Stay away from them.

Anyone we recommend?

It all depends where you live. If you are looking for a great interior decorator, ask around, ask friends, family and search online. Look for their reviews and what other people say about them, preferably not on their website, but on third party sites, where they don’t have editorial control. Once you locate one that seems the right fit, contact them and ask them to do a consultation.

Some offer free consultations, others charge a fee for their time and advise. Whichever you choose, what matters is you talk to them and ask for their references and samples of previous work as well as their credentials. Take your time, as this investment is one that will affect your everyday.

Listen to your decorator

Once you pick your choice, then listen to them. Their experience and advise is usually better than your opinion. Think about it, you’ve tried before and the results haven’t been that great, this is why you are looking for a pro to help. They will ask your preferences and about your lifestyle to find out what would suit you. But once they are working, trust them and don’t be too much in the way. Professionals of any kind work better when allowed to use their knowledge. If you can’t do this, then perhaps you didn’t feel as confident in your choice and maybe you should rethink who you picked as your decorator.

If you chose right, you will feel that you can trust them and this will affect the relationship in general. Trust your renovator and work with them, not against them.

Here is a nice video about interior decoration:


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