best rust remover

Rust removal and several removers tested

As part of our work we frequently deal with rusted tools. While most of the time this is not an impediment for working with them, rusted tools degrade over time and rust will trasnfer to whatever materials we are working with, which leaves us with unseemly results.

There are multiple methods that one can find on the internet to deal with rust on tools. Some are wild and a bit nutty and some are what you expect normal tools. We found a nice video that shows several different techniques to remove rust and compares them, in the end we see which one works the best. Many of them did the job as expected, but some did better than others and faster. We leave you this great video from TRG Restoration of rust removers and a comparative test:

We like WD-40 and Citric Acid the best, as they are relatively safe methods that act quick and remove rust from every nook and cranny instead of just the surface rust like in the sandblaster case. What do you think? Which one would you prefer to use?

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