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How to use a speed square

On a construction job, one of the most important pieces of equipment you can own is a Speed Square. Have you ever seen a wall that doesn’t line up properly? How about a door frame a bit off center? Those guys were probably not using a Speed Square and if they were, they used it wrong.

Here is the low down on using a Speed Square.

A Speed Square helps you lay down lines with efficiency and accuracy. For example, its basic function is to create right angles (90 degrees angles). You simply bump the speed square up to the edge of the work piece (for example a 2 by 4) and its side will be the right angle. Just use a pencil and mark it. Similar concept when doing diagonal cuts, because it is actually a triangle, you can make those lines perfectly aligned with simple methods.

Another feature is that the speed square comes with a quarter inch increments for ripping stock. Simply set your pencil in the slot you want to use and drag the speed square to create a full line to tell you where to cut with precision.

If that weren’t enough, it is also a protractor.It can do any degree measurement from 1 to 90 degrees and for this you just align the pivot point (usually clearly marked) and move the angle until you get the one you need. Then use the pencil to mark appropriately.

So a speed square can be use to fix, cut and make proper rafters, cut framing pieces and tiles, roofing work and align all kinds of elements in a construction site.

You should always have a speed square around you. This tool will make your work look perfect and truly professional. Learn how to use it well and it will give you years of service and success. Check out this video below to learn more.

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