epoxy countertops

Special kind of contractor – Lab builders and epoxy countertops

There are many types of contractors and builders, but most people think of contractors as house building contractors or even home renovators. Today we are talking about a special type of contractors, those who build and set up laboratories. In essence it is the same job as any contractor, except that the materials of the furniture they build and install meet special requirements for scientific laboratories.

Laboratory builders like Canadian Scientific are providers of lab products and lab building services. They usually work with a lab design consultant throughout the entire process.

Professional laboratory designers/consultants answer questions regarding lab design, lab relocation or any aspect of the product lines such as lab furniture, fume hoods, epoxy countertops, and other compliance issues or concerns.

The type of services they provide often include laboratory installation and lab renovation. The type of clients they server are usually universities, government agencies, the military, manufacturing and chemical companies.

These type of contractors work directly with lab owners, building contractors and in conjunction with Canadian, U.S. and European suppliers of laboratory furniture and equipment systems, They must have experience and skills to design, supply, install and service the lab casework of specific materials, work surfaces of a variety of types, fume hoods, and all designs of fixtures and accessories for labs of different types. Depending on the application, countertops are built using different resins and building materials.

epoxy countertops

What Are Lab Countertops?

An important consideration when designing or renovating a laboratory is the type of material to be used in countertops. Of course, price, service, and installation are important. But the current and future applications for the workspace should be the top considerations. Depending on the products the lab is going to work with, the requirements will be very different. For example, moisture or high heat or high acidic products would require very different specifications.

Epoxy Countertops

Epoxy Countertops can hold up to just about anything you will do in your lab. The product is a solid homogeneous material throughout, meaning that the outside color exists all the way through the entire product. Epoxy can stand up to temperatures of up to 650 degrees and the countertops are long-lasting. We custom fabricate your epoxy countertop in your choice of colors: Black Onyx, Graphite, Dark Khaki, Tan. Gray, and Lunar White.

You should choose an epoxy countertop:

  • for a solid homogeneous product throughout the top material (the exterior color exists all the way through the product thickness)
  • there is a need for an extremely resistant and durable top in the presence of many corrosive compounds
  • if the requirement is a countertop that will likely outlast other materials including stainless steel and phenolic resin
  • when heat resistance and safety in the presence of temperatures of approximately 650 degrees F is needed

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