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How to plan a great party?

After the work has been completed and all the tools and equipment are put away, it is time for a little celebration. A simple party with some great refreshments is all you really need, but if you want to go big, then you can try planning a party and invite people to see your recently finished and awesome home renovation Guelph or to celebrate your great success with your new website designers Guelph.

What can you include in a great party?

First you need guests. Invite people you know will enjoy each others’ company, friends, family and perhaps some good neighbours. People are the party and good people make good parties. Work out a guest list and then prepare invitations. These days, invitations can be done in many ways, printed, by email, using a service online or even Facebook events. The point is let them know with enough time to plan.

Food and drinks for your event

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Once you have your guest list, you need to start considering refreshments. What are guests going to drink and what kind of food will you give out during the party. Will you give aperitifs at the beginning, keep them flowing or will you only serve a main dish? Will it barbecued or cooked in your kitchen? And once you have the food ready, will you serve as it comes out or have everyone seat at a table?

Drinks are important too. Some good wines and a nice selection of local and imported beers are always good to have. Sodas, water and coffee are a must. If you have some skill with party cocktails, that is something some people really appreciate. Expect many of your friends to arrive with some type of wine or other and some with beer. Regardless, you should have your own stock for everyone to enjoy.

Party entertainment

There are many options for party entertainment. It can go from the very basic like a game of charades, cards or other forms of table top games or it can include even fun services like face painting or balloon art. Keep in mind the size of your event, for a small home affair, space limits your possibilities, but if your home is large and has a big backyard, you can include more interesting options for your guests and even their children. The limit is your imagination.


The real secret of a party is that hosts should make the rounds, do not linger long with a particular group or person and make sure everyone’s glasses are always filled. Keep the food coming and the games going, the party will be done before you know it and you will have some great memories.

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