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Great Basement Ideas For The Modern Home

Is your basement in desperate need of a makeover; or is it simply sitting there unfinished? Renovating your basement can potentially mean almost doubling your usable square footage without having to move. Basements are a great opportunity to capitalize on the extra space, which is a valuable commodity for most families with its varied interests and needs, ranging from a place to keep fit to a place to relax together after a long day. Take a look at our list and get inspired. Feel like your basement can be much better, contact DaMaren Home Renovations, they are our recommended pros in Guelph and Waterloo, Ontario.

5 Great Ideas for your Basement

Here is our list of the 5 amazing basement ideas that we think will help you start thinking and visualizing the possibilities for your own basement. We hope that these images will give inspire you.

basement renovation ideas burlington

1. White Impact

Dark, damp basements are something everyone dislikes. Cramped and uninviting basements are an absolute no-no, but fortunately, they can be easily corrected with this idea. Use white. Using white tones on walls, ceiling, walls and pillars and combining this with appropriate furniture will not only make your basement bright and fresh, it will also create a feeling of more space.

2. Build a Granny Suite

Taking a simple basement and turning it into a granny suite apartment is another great way of increasing your home space and value. Good taste and a great renovation can give you a full new area of your home to utilize and enjoy. Have guests overnight? Why not accommodate them in your beautiful granny suite? They will have a full apartment for their use at night and enjoy great privacy. Your guests will feel welcomed and will love you for it.

3.Style in Tradition

If you have more traditional tastes, the addition of French doors that wonderfully separate a game area from a family room, yet still give an open feeling to the space can be the answer. A beautiful bar with a lovely stone arch accent and choosing natural tones for the walls and ceiling will complement traditional wooden features perfectly.

4. Three Rooms in One

This awesome design idea expertly incorporates three different rooms without the restrictions of walls. Adding beautiful ceramic tiles can separate the bar area from the rest of the kitchen and carpeted seating area. Create sections without walls and you have a large and spacious area to enjoy.

5. Greys Are Relaxing

Playing with a greys palette in your basement can help bring out its true nature. A relaxing and fresh feeling is what you get when using grey tones and combine them with good solid accents.

We hope that these 5 ideas will help you get going on your basement renovation plans. For more ideas and to get a free quote, reach out to a great home renovation Guelph company.

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